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IOI Conference

The conference OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS (usually addressed as "IOI Conference") is held annually since 2007 as a joint event of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). In Mexico (2006), the Chilean delegation leader Alexander Tobanov made a challenge to start organizing half-day conferences during IOIs. During this year's pre-IOI meeting in March, the International Committee agreed that it was time to start holding conferences in order to study our experiences and to develop future plans. The Olympiads in Informatics conference, to be held jointly with and supported by the IOI, was approved and the editorial board chosen.

It is intended that this conference will have main topics each year. We have a lot of questions to be dealt with: tasks developments, automatic testing systems, teaching programming methods, software for training, curriculum, relations between other contests, etc... There are many such issues and we will set out, if not to lay down answers then to lay down the questions and record how the community is approaching them. We hope that that this will be a benefit, not just to the IOI community, but to the wider community of educators in our field.

Download the available presentations below:
      Conference 13 (2019)
      Conference 12 (2018)
      Conference 11 (2017)
      Conference 10 (2016)
      Conference 9 (2015)
      Conference 8 (2014)
      Conference 7 (2013)
      Conference 6 (2012)
      Conference 5 (2011)
      Conference 4 (2010)
      Conference 3 (2009)
      Conference 2 (2008)

Please note that some presentations are not available - hence, the archives above only contain the ones that were sent to the maintainers of the IOI website.

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