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IOI 2018 took place in Japan in September, 2018. More info is available on the official website.

Just happened   IOI 2018 in Japan


The following data outlines the organization of the International Olympiad in Informatics. There are multiple people and commitees that make sure everything is conducted correctly and according to the IOI Regulations.

The President provides leadership for the IOI.

Professor Greg Lee was elected at IOI 2017 as IOI President for a term of three years. 

Greg Lee
National Taiwan Normal University
Email: leeg_at_csie.ntnu.edu.tw

List of past presidents of the IOI: Krassimir Manev (Bulgaria), Richard Forster (United Kingdom), Arturo Cepeda (Mexico), Zide Du (China).

The Office and Secretary of the IOI provides service for the administration and development of the IOI.

The Office of the IOI (OIOI) is headed by the Secretary of the IOI, who is an ongoing non-voting member of the IC. The OIOI is dedicated to servicing the administrative and developmental needs of the IOI. The Secretary is appointed by the IC for a minimum period of three years.

Current Secretary of the IOI is Margot Phillipps.
ACG Sunderland College 
6 Waipareira Ave, 
Auckland, New Zealand


The Treasurer administers the financial needs of the IOI.

According to IOI regulations the Treasurer has the following responsibilities:

  • Administration of the financial needs of the IOI;
  • Ensuring that all funds received are deposited with the IOI Foundation;
  • Pay approved expenses of the IOI, from such funds as may be available for those purposes. This excludes costs obligated and covered by Host Countries;
  • Keep proper books of account which shall be audited annually, and the Audited financial statements to be approved by the GA;
  • Assist the IC in preparing the budget for the forthcoming year.

Current treasurer is Eljakim Schrijvers.

Email: eschrijvers_at_eljakim.nl
More information about the current account status can be found in the GA and IC minutes (available in various pages throughout the site).


The Chairman is charged with organizing the IOI in their designated year in their respective country. Past Chairmen of the IOI include the following:

Prof. Dr. Peter KenderovBulgaria1989
Academician Nikolay KrasovskySoviet Union1990
Prof. George PhilokyprouGreece1991
Mr. Peter HeyderhoffGermany1992
Dr. Alicia BunuelosArgentina1993
Mr. Yngve LindbergSweden1994
Mr. Ries KockNetherlands1995
Dr. Péter HanákHungary1996
Mr. Lionel HartmannSouth Africa1997
Prof. Alexandre CerveiraPortugal1998
Dr. Gokturk UcolukTurkey1999
Prof. Zide DuChina2000
Mr. Jari KoivistoFinland2001
Prof. Ha-Jine KimnKorea2002
Prof. Don PieleUSA2003
Dr. Spyros BakogiannisGreece2004
Prof. Krzysztof DiksPoland2005
Mr. Arturo CepedaMexico2006
Mr. Ivo SeparovicCroatia2007
Dr. Mohammed YoussefEgypt2008
Krassimir ManevBulgaria2009
Prof. Troy VasigaCanada2010
Kanchit MalaivongsThailand2011
Prof. Giuseppe ColosioItaly2012
Peter TaylorAustralia2013
Prof. Greg LeeTaiwan2014
Prof. Bakhyt MatkarimovKazakhstan2015
Dr. Vladimir KiryukhinRussian Federation2016
Mohammad Ali AbamIran2017
Kazuo FurukawaJapan2018


The General Assembly (GA) is the owner of the IOI.
The International Committee (IC) is charged with overseeing the organization of the IOI.
The IOI Scientific Committee (ISC) is charged with overseeing the competitions at the IOI.
The IOI Technical Committee (ITC) is charged with overseeing the competition environment and grading system at IOI.

You can find more information about the various commitees on their page.

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Not sure where to go? Click here to view some basic information on how to learn programming and prepare to win a medal at the IOI.


A couple of volunteers maintain a separate page with stats about people who participated at the International Olympiad in Informatics.


The IOI publishes a journal every year, with original high-quality scientific papers related to education, contests and algorithms.