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IOI 2024 will be hosted by Egypt. Visit the official website to learn more.

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IOI Allies

On this page, we present information about the IOI Ally Programme.

The IOI Ally Programme

IOI Allies are individual members of the IOI community who are safe to talk to if you have experienced harassment or discrimination, or if you are concerned more generally about how your IOI experience is or will be affected by issues such as gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, belief, disability, or sexual orientation.

You can see the list of IOI Allies for IOI 2023 here.

IOI Allies:

  • Can act as a first point of contact on issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion, or to discrimination and harassment;
  • Have undergone training in equity, diversity and inclusion, and discrimination and harassment;
  • Will be present on-site during the IOI;
  • Are discreet, and will maintain confidentiality unless there are legal reasons not to, or if they believe someone may be in danger;
  • Can help you bring an issue to the IOI organisers or the International Committee, if you are concerned about how you might be treated, or if you have experienced discrimination or harassment.

IOI Allies do not:

  • Provide professional counselling or legal advice;
  • Undertake any mediation or investigation, beyond participating in the International Committee’s own procedure for handling complaints;
  • Act in situations where they have a conflict of interest, although in such situations they will recommend a more appropriate IOI Ally.

The IOI is grateful to SBS Inclusion for sponsoring the training materials.

Allies for IOI 2023

Ágnes Németh
(Hungary, she/her, languages: Hungarian, English)
Araz Yusubov
(Azerbaijan, he/him, languages: Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Turkish)
Benjamin Burton
(Australia, he/him, languages: English)
Cathy Espinoza
(Chile, she/her, languages: Spanish, English)
Dewi Yuliani
(Indonesia, she/her, languages: English, Indonesian)
Eljakim Schrijvers
(The Netherlands, he/him, languages: Dutch, English, French, German)
Fieke Dekkers
(Great Britain, she/her, languages: Dutch, English, some German, French, Italian)
J.P. Pretti
(Canada, he/him, languages: English)
Jūratė Skūpienė
(Lithuania, she/her, languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian)
Ricardo Anido
(Brazil, he/him, languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, some French)

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