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IOI 2023 was hosted by Hungary. Visit the official website to learn more.

Just finished   IOI 2023 in Hungary

Project - IOI 2018 booklet

The booklet contains information on how to solve all six problems from IOI 2018, Japan - with detailed solutions and source code. This project was partially funded by the IOI, as it was selected in the recent "Call for projects" official published on the IOI website. 

The main goal of the Call for Projects was to fund various ideas that help the IOI goals in the longer term - such as building and spreading the community, keeping the community active throughout the year, making the IOI smoother, etc.

The booklet can be accessed here, as well as on the Books page:
      Booklet (IOI 2018)

Problems from the past IOIs are the perfect studying material for students who prepare for next editions of the IOI competition, and the official website contains test cases and short solution reviews. However, most reviews are quite sketchy and they do not contain any source code. Here is where this booklet comes to the rescue. 

As IOI problems are rather challenging, for many students the official solution reviews are not sufficient in order to fully understand the solution and help them train the underlying concepts. As the primary goal of the IOI is to stimulate interest in computer science, we should make sure that the problems and their solutions are as accessible as possible. This booklet contains a much more detailed overview of solutions, together with source code. Make sure you check it out.

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