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IOI 2024 will be hosted by Egypt. Visit the official website to learn more.

Coming soon   IOI 2024 in Egypt

Practice session

The practice session for IOI 2019 is now open.

Login credentials have been emailed to the contestants and team leaders, and they may now start reading and solving the practice tasks at The practice session will be available from July 10th to August 4th.

A live scoreboard will also be available shortly. The same grading system will be used during IOI 2019. Therefore, we recommend that all contestants try and solve the available practice tasks through this system.

The contest environment and answers to the Frequently Asked Questions can be found on the official website for IOI 2019 in Azerbaijan. The final daily schedule of the IOI 2019 program is also available there. 

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Not sure where to go? Click here to view some basic information on how to learn programming and prepare to win a medal at the IOI.


A couple of volunteers maintain a separate page with stats about people who participated at the International Olympiad in Informatics.


The IOI publishes a journal every year, with original high-quality scientific papers related to education, contests and algorithms.