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IOI 2024 will be hosted by Egypt. Visit the official website to learn more.

Coming soon   IOI 2024 in Egypt

IOI workshop 2022

Dear IOI community,
we plan to organize an IOI workshop in Strumica, Macedonia, 12-16 of May, 2022.

The topic of this year's IOI workshop is "Spreading IOI idea among other countries". The motivation of this year’s workshop is to gather in one place representatives from countries that still don’t participate at IOI, and experienced representatives from participating countries that may share their knowledge and wisdom to inspire and help the potential participating countries. 

Invited participant should be either

  • a representative of a non-participating country at IOI, from a formal institution/initiative/school than plans to enroll the country in IOI, or
  • an experienced IOI community member that can share their experience with the potential community members, representatives from new countries.

Important date: Expression of interest to participate: 31.03.2022

The IOI foundation will cover the accommodation expenses  for the invited participants (one participant per country).

More details and the registration link may be found in the attached Call for participation.

As long years' members of the IOI community, please think about participating so you may share your knowledge and wisdom.

Also, please share this Call with potential interested parties from the countries that still don't participate at IOI.

Best regards,
Mile Jovanov

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