Just finished

Due to COVID-19, IOI 2021 was hosted by Singapore online. Visit the official website to learn more.

Just finished   IOI 2021 was held online

IOI 2020 will be held online

Dear friends of the IOI,

This is a quick update from the IC concerning IOI 2020 and beyond. The IC held an online meeting on May 25. 

After some discussion, the following plan was approved unanimously:

  1. IOI 2020 will be held online.  Detail will be forthcoming soon.
  2. IOI 2021 will be hosted by Singapore (originally by Egypt).
  3. IOI 2024 will be hosted by Egypt.

Thanks to the dedicated work by the Singapore host team, all possibilities for an onsite IOI 2020 were explored. Unfortunately, the unpredictable outlook of COVID-19 forced us to move the competition online. Furthermore, thanks to Eslam and the Egyptian host team for switching to host IOI 2024 so that Singapore can host IOI 2021 onsite.

With the move to an online competition, many working details will need to be discussed by IC, ISC and ITC. We will keep you all updated as more information becomes available. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the IOI Secretariat. 

Stay safe and Best wishes,
Greg Lee
IOI President

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