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IOI 2023 will be hosted by Hungary. Visit the official website to learn more.

Coming soon   IOI 2023 in Hungary

Call for IOI 2026-2027 hosts

Greetings to the IOI community,

I am writing today regarding IOI 2026. As you may know, our usual practice is to take bids for IOI four years in advance. However, last year we did not receive any bids for IOI 2026, and six months later this host position still remains vacant.

I am writing today to ask each of you: if you have been thinking of a future bid to host IOI, please consider bidding for IOI 2026.

The IOI of course cannot happen without a host, and so I urge you to consider this request seriously. Our intention is to take bids for IOI 2026 during this year’s IOI in Hungary, and to make a recommendation to the General Assembly at the end of this IOI. We will also take bids for IOI 2027 this year, following the usual four year cycle.

The situation is becoming serious — if we do not receive any bids for IOI 2026 by this year’s IOI, the International Committee will need to look for more unorthodox solutions. I do hope that this will not be the case.

On a personal note, when we hosted IOI 2013 in Australia it was in response to a call such as this. I can say from my own experience that, whilst this was of course a lot of work, it was also immensely rewarding. I do hope that some day you have the chance to experience this for yourselves.

If you are thinking about hosting IOI 2026 or 2027 in your country, or would like more information, please send an email to J.P. Pretti, Secretary of IOI:

He can answer any questions, and provide more details about the application process. You can also read more in the IOI Regulations: section 4 outlines the host selection process, and section 5 outlines host responsibilities.

With best regards,

Prof. Benjamin Burton
President of IOI

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