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IOI 2018 took place in Japan in September, 2018. More info is available on the official website.

Just happened   IOI 2018 in Japan

IOI Conference

The 12th volume of the journal "Olympiads in Informatics" has been published, and it includes several research papers and reports.

You can find the contents by going to this page: IOI Journal - Contents.

Additionally, we have published the agenda for the IOI Conference which will take place during the IOI, in Japan.

You can see the agenda here: Agenda.

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Not sure where to go? Click here to view some basic information on how to learn programming and prepare to win a medal at the IOI.


A couple of volunteers maintain a separate page with stats about people who participated at the International Olympiad in Informatics.


The IOI publishes a journal every year, with original high-quality scientific papers related to education, contests and algorithms.